8 Keys To Unlocking Your Child’s Potential & Development In Sports & Beyond: “There Is A Formula For Success.”


Over the years the number one question I get from the parents of young players is “how can my child improve in the sport”? It is certainly a good question, but it is usually asked when I am walking off the field after training or a game. The reality is for me to answer that question in detail, it could take hours. I decided to write this guidebook in order to help educate parents who really want their child to improve and excel in sports and beyond. Over the past fifteen years there has been a lot of research into how certain people are able to become experts and highly skilled in their particular fields. That research clearly shows there is a formula for success that can be applied to any area in which a person wishes to become skilled. The trick is constructing an age appropriate formula that is fun and uses the most effective coaching & teaching methods. In this book I give you the framework of what it will take in order for your child to become highly skilled and accomplished in the area they choose. The book is also intended to educate parents about what a healthy sports development plan should look like for their child. Parents must be willing to take an active and educated role in their child’s development. If you are serious about your child being able to excel and reach their potential, while keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle – this book is for you!

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