ELASTIC BAND DEFENSIVE TRAINING: Soccer Smart Training Online Cognitive Coaching Course

6v4elastic 6v8elastic

This is a unique way to train team defensive units.  The back “4” are all connected with long elastic bands that are held in each players hands.  The back “4” unit must move together in coordination to be effective.  The players are not allowed to let go of the band at any time.  The exercise starts 6v4 and progresses to 8v6 (2 center mids added).  Eventually the exercise can build up to 10v8 and then finish 10v11.  There are a number of progressions that can be used- when the ball is intercepted by the red defensive team, they can drop the bands and play the ball out into either goal located at 1/2 field in 6 passes or less. Another progression is to have the back 4 can use the band while the midfield unit 4 will be free.

This is a fun exercise for the players and at the same time it re-enforces the point that group must work as a unit.  If you are relating this to the 4 phases of the game – it would be defensive organization working into attacking transition when the ball is re-gained.

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