Cognitive Back “4” Defending Exercise: Online Cognitive Course March 15th at

Grid: Half Field

Players: 4+Keeper

Instructions & Key Points:

This defensive exercise requires players to process information while carrying out the commands from the coach. I call this a cognitive defensive training exercise. There are two lines of cones – yellow and blue – they each share the same number marking system. There are also 6 other markers in red, purple and orange with R (right) and L (left) markings on them. The coach can call out any number of locations that the back four must adjust their position to. #1yellow, #2blue, Rred, Lpurple – are a few of the commands. The Red L & Red R are the only two commands that the back four will actually make a straight line across when called – this is because it is such a deep position when defending, a line is usually held in that position (stopping attackers from going forward). Make sure the back lines shape is correct and the right player is stepping to designated marker.

Cognitive Defensive Adjustments