Defensive Midfield Unit Shape + Forward: Training Exercise


This is an excellent exercise for getting the midfield unit of 4 players working together along with a pressuring forward.  The principles of pressure, cover and balance in relation to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th defenders is the main focus.  The defensive unit must shift together, stay compact and cut out passing angles/lanes.  The black/orange team of four represent the midfield line, the lone black/orange player in the top and bottom zones represent the single forward.  Two black/orange players can run into the blue players boxes at any time to pressure.  The blue team has two servers in both end zones who play into the line of four blue players – any of the four blue players will be looking to hit a penetrating through ball to the opposite side blue servers.   I like this exercise because it incorporates the forward and the midfield together as one unit.  The exercise also allows the defending team to extend pressure into the opponents space creating turn-overs and  cutting off passing angles.