Cognitive Passing Patterns: Cognitive Soccer Development

insidetooutPattern A) Inside to Outiside

OutsidetoinPattern B) Outside to Inside

These two triangle passing exercises focus on coordinated movement between the three players.  The movement is realistic to the actual game.  The triangle is shown in the drill for visual purpose only.  On the field you will just use the cones as spacial markers for the players.  These markers are very important for when it comes to building the players grid cells.  By building their grid cells players will be able assess time, space and movement (speed of movement) on the field easier.  The triangles are 10-15 yards in distance – because 78% of the game is short passing.  Insist on back foot 2-touch passing.  Have the players start out performing the exercise without talking to maximize concentration; then allow the players to self-correct with one another as the drill progresses.  The last phase will be removing the cones = taking away the players spatial cues.  This will test the players grid cell memory.  I will be writing more in the next month about overall cognitive development and how coaches can combine cognitive training into their daily training sessions.  For more on cognitive soccer development visit my site