Online Cognitive Soccer Diploma: – 2 Cognitive Training Exercises



These are two great “Cognitive Developmental Exercises” ready to use with your team!

 Exercise #1) Triangle Passing:  The coach (blue player) plays the ball to one of the numbered cones.  The players must sprint and form a triangle  and pass the ball 1 & 2 touch in the triangle.  The coach will walk to another cone anywhere in the grid.  When he is ready he will shout for the ball – the player with the ball will pass to the coach (in the air if needed) and the coach will stop the ball as the players run to form the next triangle where the coach stopped the ball.  Feel free to add variations – 1 touch only – air  ball played to coach only etc.

Exercise #2) Hoop Possession: 3v3+1 neutral in middle and 6 outside players (can only pass to your color player on the outside) – 10 passes completed = 1 pt – 5 points wins or 1 pass through the Hoop and the team wins the game! Variation: pass through the hoop needs to keep possession – or – just play with no passing points and 2 balls through the hoop wins the game.

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