Cognitive Rondo Training: From My Book “The Science of Rondo”


Cognitive Rondo: No Same Color Passing

Players: 12

Grid: 10×10 yards

Key points and Objectives:  

The set-up is the same as fundamental rondo using a 10v2 shape. The 2 defenders in the middle are holding tennis balls in their hands. This lets the other players know they are the defenders. If a player gives possession away, the defender simply tosses the incoming player the tennis ball. The tennis ball simply replaces the tossing of the bib (tennis ball identifies the defenders). There are 6 different pairs of players in this game. Each pair is wearing a different color bib/vest than the other pairs. The rule of the game is players are not allowed to pass to the same color (their teammate). Your teammate might be next to you, on the other side of the circle or playing defense. It is crucial players identify the location of their teammate at all times. This will require players to think quickly and process additional information in order to be successful. Variation: require players to switch positions with the person they passed the ball to. This will make players continuously have to scan to locate their partner.