Tactical Periodization: Moments of The Game: “The Game Model”

The below are the 4 moments of the game.  These moments must be identified and understood in the coaches “Game Model”.  In training these it is critical that these 4 moments be worked on in relation to the game model. makeupgame

Moments of The Game

  • Offensive Organization: This is when the team keeps possession of the ball and circulates the ball with the objective of unbalancing the defense and creating scoring chances.
  • Attacking Transition: This is the moment the ball is recovered and possession is won. At this time the team begins to open up and prepares to keep possession or prepares to penetrate immediately if the opportunity presents itself. The first moments that the ball is won are very important because the opposition is disorganized and unbalanced. Transition at speed in the modern game is crucial. The counter attack and even the counter off the counter are a major part of many modern game models.
  • Defensive Organization: The lines of defense will be defined with the back line, midfield line and forwards all working together as one collective unit. The objective of defensive organization is stop the opponents offensive organization, therefore eliminating goal scoring chances.
  • Defensive Transition: This is moment when the ball is lost and the opponents gain possession.   The first priority will be to put pressure on the ball, which will allow numbers to fill in behind the ball, making the defense difficult to breakdown. Immediate pressure on the ball can also create a turnover that can result in a counter attack.