Coaching & Playing The Modern Wingback Position In Soccer Specific Wingback Positional Guide For Coaches & Players: Book Just Released

Playing The Modern Wingback: Example #3

The RCB #5 has the ball facing the RWB #2. The RWB gets high and wide as the opposite LWB #2 has a couple choices to make. Against a team holding a high line, the “aggressive attacking” position of the LWB #3 can be very effective, especially for a long ball played into the back of the defense. When the RWB #2 has space to carry the ball forward and the LWB can get aggressively forward the defense will be faced with a problem to solve. The defense will not be able to stretch and cover all the attackers, because they would leave large gaps in the center of the field. If the LWB is aggressive going forward, the DCM #6 would need to drop-in with the two center backs #4 & #5 to make a back line of three. Having the DCM drop gives the team some defensive balance as the wingbacks are allowed to get forward. If the LWB decided to take up a defensive position, he would not release into a higher more attacking position until the ball was switched to a player who could play him the ball (facing him, eye contact, time on the ball).