Pressing & Possession Exercise From AC Milan & Italian National Team

Possession Gates

Grid: Half Field

Players: 10 v 10

Instructions & Key Points: Place 11 gates evenly inside half the field. Teams can score on any gate. Play 3-touch maximum. In order to score the player must pass the ball through a gate to a teammate on the other side. Teams can’t score on the same goal twice in a row (must move to another gate after scoring). This exercise is excellent for getting the players to move the ball quickly and encourages switching the field as well as using the entire space. The team not in possession will be pressing trying to regain possession. It is important that team in possession offer short and long options to escape the pressing pressure. This exercise is excellent for establishing a rhythm & tempo of play using a full team. Arrigo Sacchi used this training exercise with Milan and the Italian National Team.

Progressions & Variations: Change the touch restrictions from 3-touch down to 2 and than 1-touch. Change touch restrictions when the players have become proficient at 3-touch.