Barcelona Tiki-Taka Passing Pattern Drill: Penetrating Passes


1-Touch Penetrating Ball


Grid: 15×15 Yards

Instructions: The red players on the outside must make 2 passes before playing the 3rd pass through the cones into a blue player. The receiving blue player must play the ball back to the other blue player through the cones 1-touch, the receiving blue player will then play 1-touch to any red player on the outside. Blue players must stay on opposite sides of the middle cones in order to combine together. The entire exercise is played 1-touch. Key Points: Properly weighted one-touch pass, passing to the receiving players correct foot, eyes up to see the penetrating ball, blue players must open up to allow penetrating passing coming in and support for the combination, red players should be active on the outside getting into good supporting and passing positions.

1-Touch Penetrating Ball: