Two Great Exercises For Teaching The 4-4-2 Diamond Formation

rotationmidMidfield Diamond 4v3 Overload

442diamondrealFunctional Diamond Training Exercise

Exercise#1) Midfield Diamond:4v3 Overload: The grid size can be anywhere from 20×20 to 30×30 yards.  The side goals are 2ft high by 3 feet wide.  The red team has the diamond formed and works the ball back and forth to the endline players on red (4 players – 2 on each side).  If the blue team wins possession they try and score on the two small side goals.  Add your own conditions and rules – 2-touch, 1-touch for outside players, unlimited touch for blue team etc.  I like this exercise because it works the diamond in a 4v3 situation that is most likely found in the real game.

Exercise #2) Functional Diamond Training Exercise: This exercise features the players right down the middle of the field. The blue team simulates the 4-4-2 Diamond in midfield plus the center backs and two forwards. Vary the rules so 1 player  in the diamond is allowed to leave their zone and move  into the attack following the pass, add touch restrictions to speed up play as a variation.   If the red team gains possession they have 5 passes or less to get a shot off.  The grid can be 60 yards long and the 45 yards wide.

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