Creative Cognitive Training: Try This Exercise With Your Team


I was away at player identification camp this past week and had the chance to watch, train and offer some mentoring to some of the young players.  The other nice thing about the camp is it gives me the opportunity to re-connect with some top level coaches from around the country who are at the camp.  I had the chance to discuss with my friend and highly respected Coach Giovanni Pacini a number of interesting topics, while watching the identification games.  I told him about my work in cognitive soccer training and he offered me a few great bits of insights of his own.  I wanted to share with you one of Giovanni’s ideas.  The exercise consists of gathering together an assortment of props including a soccer ball.  Players are told to make up their own game that involves soccer using all the props.  They can make whatever rules and conditions up they like.  Giovanni  said he is always amazed with what the players come up. It forces players to think outside the box while still keeping soccer as a theme (you could have them just create a game that does not involve soccer as a progression).  How many times do we really allow our players the chance to be that creative in training?  Do we consistently challenge their brains? Thanks Gio for the great idea.  For detailed information on cognitive soccer training be sure to check out my books!