The USA 4-4-2 Diamond & Englands Key to Success

Lets start off with the USA’s 2-1 win over Turkey.  First, Turkey out played us and we were fortunate to win the game.  If Turkey had any speed at all they would have exploited us bad on the counter.  Turkey were  clearly a better possession team but lacked special 1v1 players.  That being said, Turkey should have still scored 3 goals.  We did finish our chances on the day, but did little else.  The 442 diamond formation with both outside wing backs getting so far forward – leaves us very vulnerable to the counter.  Our center backs were split very wide, the gaps that opened up were huge.  Even the space behind Bradley was to big.  Bradley had freedom going forward but did little to track back and organize.  The wide areas left by our surging wing backs were exploited easily all game long.  If we play the 442 diamond, we lose by 2-3 goals per/game. Portugal, Germany and Ghana all have players that are dynamic on the counter.   If we sit and counter attack with Dempsey at the #10, Altidore the #9 (although his lack of confidence and poor decision making at the moment are a big problem) and Green as a winger with the priority of counter attacking.  We have a chance to steal a game or two and advance.   Donavon would have been a great option to have as a counter attack player from out side.  Klinsmann can say what he wants – that decision was personal.  I say that because it couldn’t have been tactical or based on what the team can use.  

Ok – Ill leave the USA alone for second and get all over the England Teams case.  My message is simple for England – use your athletic players who can punish teams with pace.  Forget controlling the midfield.  England have not come out and played great football since 1998.  They are not going to start now.  However, they can play Welbeck, Ox, Sterling & Sturridge all together.  Yes – altogether in one starting 11.  Stay compact and hit the better teams on the break.  England could make a far run if they did that.  More likely is they will be ousted in the first round.  But I hope not! Hopefully the manager will be fearless and give it shot!