Liverpool Proves Me Right & Manchester City Proves Money Win’s

Liverpool I never in a million years predicted to win the premier league.  I never predicted they would finish in the top two either.  They far and away exceeded my expectations.  That being said I said the downfall was in their back four.  In fairness Sarko has done well and has the profile of a modern center back (big, powerful, strong in the air, fast).   The problem for me comes with Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel &  Lucas Leiva.  They just are not built to defend 50 yards out from their own goal (to slow).  Johnson has the physical ability but lacks a true defenders mentality.  Jon Flanagan has done very well for his age but is not the finished product.  Liverpool when they counter attack are hard to beat.  When they come out and play it leaves their slow immobile defense at risk.  This is modern soccer though – who is going to come out and who is going to sit.  It is starting to remind of Italian Soccer 20 years ago.  One team would stay bunkered in and the other would reluctantly come out.  Don’t think for one minute that teams won’t adjust to Liverpool next season if they keep the same players in the back.  Hats off to Liverpool for a great season but they will need to change to stay in the top four.

Manchester City proves once again that money ball in soccer is not working! Just spend the most money and the other teams don’t really have a chance!  It’s not just the talent – its the depth.  When a team can afford 24 great players injuries become a non-factor.  Whats the difference between City and United?  City bought good players.  Arsenal and City?  Arsenal have no pace and bought 321 midfielders.

My pick is Chelsea FC next season to lift the title after Man City get whacked with summer sanctions.  Chelsea will also get better up-front while their defense is the best in the league (but need some youth in the back so they don’t eventually have a United situations)

Here are my picks for 2015 EPL

1) Chelsea 2) City 3) Arsenal 4) Liverpool 5) United 6) Everton 7) Spurs –