Professional Soccer Passing Patterns: From My Book Professional Soccer Passing Patterns

Maybe you are asking what exactly is a passing pattern and how will it make my team better? Passing patterns are designed patterns which players execute in a pre-set order. The patterns can range from very simple to very complex. The 20 Professional Soccer patterns in the book can be adjusted to fit many levels. These are the same patterns that FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich FC use in training. The most important thing to remember when training passing patterns is “The Secret Is In The Details”. What I mean by details is as follows; firmness of the pass, proper timing and movement of the receiving player, proper body position of the player receiving the ball, proper technique of the passer and receiver, eye contact with receiver before passing the ball, using correct passing and receiving surface, establishing a rhythm of play with teammates, executing the drill at a challenging level and always remaining focused. If you want your team to improve their passing ability then this is the book for you. Pay attention to the details, make sure the patterns are trained under the deliberate practice guidelines and keep it fun. Available on