Sunderlands Jozy Altidore Not Scoring! Should He Be Playing?

Look at Jozy Altidore’s goal scoring record with his two teams in the EPL and what do you notice?  A massive lack of goals, especially  as a forward!  Strikers are paid good money to score goals.  Thats the bottom line.  If you made that argument it would be hard to disagree with you.  However, I have been watching this kid play for years.  I remember meeting him in Harlem when he was still in his teens playing for the NY Red Bulls.  I watched him in the U-20 or U-23 World Cup in Canada, I think Hull in the EPL, US National Team, Dutch League and now Sunderland.  Jozy Altidore makes an impact on the field.  He holds the ball up very well and creates a lot of chances for his team mates to score.  His work rate is high and physical prowess attracts extra attention from the opposing team.  His work in this past weekends EPL showed exactly how important he is to the team.  It is hard to understand why he doesn’t score more for a player as gifted as he is, but it really doesn’t matter because he changes the game in other ways.  It’s not like he is playing for Chelsea or Arsenal either.  He has to bust his butt to make half chances into real chances.  Jozy has started to score for the US National team and we all saw what he did in the Dutch League.  He will start scoring in the EPL  but he is still helping Sunderland just fine.  It’s not often I will defend a forward that is not scoring but in this case it is well deserved!  Great guy as well and handles the media and pressure very well!