Do Your Training Sessions Need To Relate To The 11 v 11 Game?

I used to think that every single drill had to be directly related to 11v11 game, however, while I still think everything should have a clear purpose and serve to make you a better soccer player on the field, I now see a immense value to training sessions that encourage to players problem solve and use their skills differently. It is much like the website “luminosity” which creates puzzles and problems for you to solve to improve your brain function and analytical skills. One study of 1204 students from 40 schools showed how impactful this type of cognitive learning could be to student performance. The study found that students that supplemented their schoolwork with Luminosity training scored higher on a series of cognitive test than those students who did not. Stimulating our brains in did new ways and exposing ourselves to new challenges positively impacts our ability to problem solve.

Met Ozil, the great German midfield would talk about growing up playing soccer in a enclosed cage he called the “monkey cage”. Ozil would play every day after school in the cage with his older brothers and friends. He credits his ball skills and vision in passing to his time in the cage. Playing in the cage the ball couldn’t go out of bounds but the players were older and stronger so he was forced to make fast decisions, be quick, have great skills and use excellent vision. The cage isn’t the 11 v 11 game and it didn’t involve getting ball wide or crossing the ball but it did make Ozil a better player by forcing him to think and adapt.

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