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Teaching Defensive Shape and Attacking Shape Using Spatial Markers


This simple exercise is a great way to teach defensive shape (defensive organization) using the yellow cones & attacking she (attacking organization) using the orange cones.  The coach can call out attack or defend while the team takes the correct shape.  After a number of repetitions remove the cones and practice again.  This exercise can easily be used as lead up to shadow play.  I first saw Arrigo Sacchi use cones as spatial cues while teaching the famous Italian 4-4-2 Zonal Defending & Counter Attacking.

Using the techniques of grinding, cueing and spatial cues is all part of the “Cognitive Soccer Instructors Course and Certification” at

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Atletico de Madrid 6v2 Rectangle Rondo Variation : Book Coming Soon!

Atletico de Madrid Training

6v2 15×10 yard grid – this game is very similar to rondo but in a rectangle grid.  Players can move a few feet in any direction from the cone they are assigned to on the outside.  2-touch maximum. Try this exercise as a great variation to rondo!


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Ajax Small Sided Possession Game:

Ajax Small Sided Game: 5v3

My players enjoy this game a lot.  Limit the team of five to 2-touch while the team of three get unlimited touch.  The team of five simply try to possess the ball and keep it from the team of three.  Once the team of three win the ball they try and score on one of the 2-small goals for a point.  You can make it into a competitive game by awarding the team of five 1-point for every 8 passes in a row and the team of three 1-point for every goal scored (adjust the ratio for skill level of players for a point).


Building Neural Pathways – Using Visualization – Importance of Sleep Spindles & Role of Hydration in Soccer

http://www.soccersmarttraining.comThis video will shed light on on a variety of topics that affect the cognitive process in soccer.

You can become a cognitive soccer certified Instructor in 5-weeks at – 5-week online certification course.

Dynamic Soccer Passing Patterns For Fitness & Technique Using Mannequins, Hurdles, Sticks, Speed Rings and More

Dynamic Passing Pattern

Number Six

Crystal Palace FC Dynamic Passing Pattern

Players: 4-5

Grid: 25×15 yards

Key Points:

This is the same exercise as the previous but dynamic exercises are added to the pattern. After the passer players into player two – he must get through the vertical sticks as quick as possible with solid footwork. Player three must do the speed rings after making the 5th pass. Feel free to add different dynamic components as well.

dppcrystal4 – Link to book!

Celtic FC Passing Exercise: From New Book “Dynamic Passing Patterns for Fitness & Technique” Out Late July

Celtic FC Dynamic Passing Pattern

Players: 5-7

Grid: 15 yard’s each side of triangle

Key Points:

As with all the passing patterns pass with the inside of the foot and control with the inside of the foot. Always play to the proper foot of the receiving player, be sure body position is correct for receiving and passing, pop-off the mannequin to receive the ball at the correct time “coordinated timed movement with the passer”, be sure to have eye contact with player receiving the ball before passing, play firm balls to feet and keep the rhythm and tempo of the drill quick and sharp.

This pattern can be done 1-touch for all the shorter passes and 2-touch for the longer passes (pass 3,6 & 7). The red speed rings are to be done with extremely quick feet and the speed ladder can be completed using different patterns with fast footwork. All players rotate one spot forward with each repetition.



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