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Slide Presentation For The Innovation of Youth Soccer Development

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Above are some slides I put together for my book “Inspire”.  “Inspire” is my attempt to express unique developmental ideas into the world of youth soccer development.  The slides represent a quick snap shot of the ideas in the book.  The book goes into detail in terms of setting up your your youth team and club.  I hope the ideas are useful.  The book is for purchase in ebook and paperback – click on “Purchase Books”.

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4v2 Rondo to 3v2 Counter to Goal: “Attacking Rondo”


4v2 Rondo into 3v2 to Goal: After 4 consecutive passes in the 10×10 yard rondo grid 3 of the blue players attack goal vs 2 defenders and the keeper.  This is a great way to incorporate rondo training into the a real game situation.

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Counter Attack Passing Patterns: Deep Ball To Forward: Attacking Transition


Counter Attacking Passing Patterns: Deep Ball To Forward: Attacking Transition

If your working on the counter attack with your team these two passing patterns are excellent exercises to incorporate.  The pattern plays short-short then the break is on with a longer ball (the deep pass is the one to the forward).  The exercise simulates the moment the team wins the ball back and is attacking transition looking to break down the opponent who is in defensive transition.

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Finishing Drill From My New “10 for 10 Coaching Series:

Exercise #3

Combination Through Ball Pass & Shoot

Grid: 35×45 yards

Instructions & Key Points:

This exercise involves simple combination play with a properly timed penetrating ball leading to a shot on goal. Emphasize the weight of the pass for the penetrating ball, quick movement off the ball, striking the ball on target and coordination and rhythm between the groups.


Shooting, Crossing & Finishing and Passing Exercise: “Pro Soccer Finishing: 10 for 10 Coaching Series”


The first pair of blue players pass the ball between the cones as they move towards the first goal.  After the 3rd pass the player touches the ball forward on his 1st touch and shoots before the last cone on his 2nd touch (18 yards out from goal).  The player that shoots runs around the goal – receives another ball from the coach (red) – then drives the end line and crosses to his teammate who has made the run around the far cone and crashes goal near post. Players should rotate positions each time around.

My book “Pro Soccer Finishing: 10 Training Ground Exercises  Part of The 10 for 10 Coaching Series” will be out soon on

Positional Rondo Progression With Scoring: Great Drill For Increasing Speed of Play


Rondo Positional Play: The blue team inside the grid is competing against the red team inside the grid (4v4).  The players outside the grid can only be used by the players inside the grid that are on their team (blue can use blue and red can only use red).  Each team designates one player inside the grid that plays as the center back and can not move from the “defensive zone” – in front of the two yellow cone goals and marked by white line.  The center back operates as the swing man and support player of the three midfielders when in possession. When defending any of the inside players can retreat inside the defensive zone to help the center back defend the two yellow goals.  The game should be played 2-touch at first and then eventually 1-touch once the tempo and rhythm is good.  Another variation is make outside players 1-touch and inside players 2-touch.

This exercise works on the 3 center midfielders and 1 center back with combination play in tight areas; it is realistic to an actual game situation.  Point out all the diamonds and triangles that can be made in the exercise in regards to passing support angles – involve the outside players as well in the triangles and diamonds.  The exercise can be related directly to “rondo” training if that is something you do with your team.  The ball should go “pum,pum,pum” all over the place and end up with a scoring opportunity.  On the defensive end the 4 players must work hard together to recover the ball.

Pressing & Possession Exercise From AC Milan & Italian National Team

Possession Gates

Grid: Half Field

Players: 10 v 10

Instructions & Key Points: Place 11 gates evenly inside half the field. Teams can score on any gate. Play 3-touch maximum. In order to score the player must pass the ball through a gate to a teammate on the other side. Teams can’t score on the same goal twice in a row (must move to another gate after scoring). This exercise is excellent for getting the players to move the ball quickly and encourages switching the field as well as using the entire space. The team not in possession will be pressing trying to regain possession. It is important that team in possession offer short and long options to escape the pressing pressure. This exercise is excellent for establishing a rhythm & tempo of play using a full team. Arrigo Sacchi used this training exercise with Milan and the Italian National Team.

Progressions & Variations: Change the touch restrictions from 3-touch down to 2 and than 1-touch. Change touch restrictions when the players have become proficient at 3-touch.



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