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Moyes Sacked!

I know its not official yet but it looks to be coming.  He just didn’t get enough out of the team.  Saha should never have been put on loan.  He was one of the only speed guys they had. Playing Mata out wide didn’t make any sense to me at all.  Welbeck & Kagawa should have played way way way more.  He lost the locker room and his tactics left a lot to be questioned and desired. Martinez would have been a way better choice for the United job.  I like the idea of bringing in the in Jurgen Klopp from from Dortmund.  He may be just exactly what is needed.  I can see Klopp pushing for titles for 10-15 years straight.  

In pre-season and early parts of the regular season Moyes was to soft.  He would far to often be satisfied with losing and say they are improving.  Thats not good enough at a club like United.  Its not good enough anywhere that there is ambition.  The turn-around job won’t be easy but it won’t be as hard as it looks now either.  With the right coach United will be back in no time.  Moyes was just over his head.  We will seem Moyes soon at a Stoke City or Sunderland FC soon!

Cognitive Soccer Passing Patterns!

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Cognitive soccer passing patterns & exercises are designed to develop players’ problem solving abilities, increase soccer intelligence, improve collective team movement & rhythm and improve passing technique. Often, traditional soccer training fails to address player’s cognitive development, an increasingly critical indicator of player success on the field. This book provides coaches with the tools to make any passing drill into a challenging cognitive training session to encourage and strengthen players’ problem-solving acumen

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Professional Soccer Restarts: 20 Free Kicks That Work

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Professional soccer restarts includes 20 free kicks that are proven to score goals. The difference between winning and losing often comes down to set plays. Give your team the advantage they deserve with set plays that will change games. These set plays were compiled from the top pro club and national teams in the world.

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What We Can Expect From The United States This World Cup

Let’s be realistic and start by reducing expectations.  The team has some very good players but not the world stars of the other countries.  We don’t even have guys with blazing pace and athletic ability who are relative unknowns that can surprise people.  The United States will work hard, play with tons of heart and count on a few of our experienced players to win some games.  Listen, we can beat Ghana, even though all my former Ghanian players will strongly disagree with me! That game is crucial for us getting out of the group.  We have little no chance at beating Germany.  Yes, I know we beat Germany in 105 degree weather when they were on vacation relaxing in Miami.  We also beat Spain the summer before they won the last World Cup.  Let’s understand the World Cup is different.  It is not a meaningless on vacation friendly game.  Portugal is another key game for us.  Portugal is not a top elite team.  I know the Ronaldo factor is there but they are inconsistent on the national team level.  They should beat us with little problem but we could get a point out of that game if things really went our way.  The year Greece won the Euro’s they beat Portugal on pure organization.  Soccer is a funny game – it’s like Yogi Berra says – “it’s not over till over”.  However, even if we pull off the odd upset we can’t continue to do that the entire tournament.  I would not be one bit surprised if we were eliminated straight away but we do have a small chance at getting through the group stage with some luck and great defensive compactness.  If we get through and face a top team we will be out eventually. My point is we are not a soccer power yet.  We have some good players but we are not in that elite group.  Watching the soccer development system in the United States it looks like we are a long way off from becoming an elite soccer country anytime soon,  Those reasons I could write an entire book on.  Good luck to the team this summer because they always put in a great and spirited effort. 

Hardcore Soccer Fitness: Cardiovascular Training: A Scientific & Practical Approach

Hardcore Soccer Fitness breaks down the science behind cardiovascular soccer fitness training. Grasping the basics of exercise science is essential in order to design and implement an effective fitness program. Understanding player workloads, measuring intensity levels, allowing for proper recovery, avoiding over-training & over-reaching, expanding aerobic thresholds, increasing cardiac output & Max VO2 are just a few of the many important factors coaches need to understand. The good news is the methods and fitness sessions in the book are made to be highly effective and practical. You won’t need to purchase extra equipment or heart rate monitors to get your team fit. Everything you need to train like the professionals is here including fifteen soccer fitness training sessions and five fitness tests/evaluations. Book is available at

Meeting Pele

Today was a great day.  I got to meet Pele and listen to him speak.  He shook my hand hand said it was great to meet me and thanked me for coming to listen to him.  Of course Pele didn’t know who I was but he was such a humble and appreciative guy he thanked everyone personally, referring to us as his football family.   He spoke about Nelson Mandela and the great influence Mandela had on him.  Pele also spoke about Robert F Kennedy and what a good man he was as well.  He was happy that he came to America to play for the NY Cosmos and was able help give soccer a push in this country.  He mentioned in 1966 England was the only team they were worried about playing in the World Cup because they were so good.  He touched on what a great player Eusebio was from Portugal.  Pele said Eusebio was much like Christiano Ronaldo in terms of style and players.  Messi and Ronaldo he thought were the best two players in the game today but different players.  Ronaldo he said was an outright striker, while Messia can come back into the midfield and be effective.  The number of big stars is less today as he struggled to name five modern players who are superstars.  Pele reeled of a list of like ten or more from his days.  This summers world cup he thinks Brazil can win it.  However, he see’s a bit of a challenge getting the forwards the ball, but the defense is very strong.  If he had to play on a team today it would be Barcelona.  He felt the way they played and the skill levels were similar to his 1970 World Cup Team.  For the American fans he dos feel we need to spend more $ to attract big names for the MLS.  I listened to him for about an hour and wish it could have been longer.  When people talk about sports needs role models, Pele is the ultimate role model.  There was no entourage or people needing to cater to his every request.  Pele was a cool, relaxed, happy, compassionate and humble guy that enjoying meeting everyone.  He really is what every athlete should aspire to be.  


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